August 9, 2011

You are my sunshine [Award]

This is my first award that I got from Miss Winkelmann. Thank you so much! This time, I'll continue in English because this time there are only 10 questions.
  1. Favorite Color: Red
  2. Favorite Animal: Panda
  3. Favorite Number: 8
  4. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Apple-cider
  5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
  6. What do you do passionately? Dance
  7. Do you rather receive or give presents? Both
  8. Favorite Pattern: Leo
  9. Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday
  10. Favorite Flower: Hibiscus

Since I have just started blogging, I don't have many readers and I'm not following many blogs either, I won't be able to make #3 but anyway, here are the rules:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Answer the 10 questions above.
  3. Give the award to 10 other bloggers and let them know.

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