October 13, 2012

Recent Haul

Since this week was the glamour shopping week, I just couldn't resist, although I've had a ton of work to do at the university as a tutor for the freshmen weeks... I'm not too sure I've exploit the card to my total advantage because I went to lots of other stores as well but I got 5€ off at Douglas and also 5€ off at The BodyShop.

So anyhow, let's get started.

At Douglas I found these two cute little Clinique bags. I'm most interested in the eye cream. I've heard only good things about it. So we'll see how it works. At the left there's the moisture surge extended thirst relief, the moisture surge tinted moisturizer and the all about eyes cream. At the right hand side there's the great skin starts here 3 step skin care set for combination to oily skin. I'm very curious if it really is all that great. I will let you know, when I finished all the bottles.

I also went to The BodyShop to buy a Mango scrub and Mango body lotion... I love mango.


Here's my DM drugstore haul.

  • I liked the Florena mattifying day and night face cream. Since it worked so well, I also bought the toner as well.
  • Gloves for washing dishes
  • Persil laundry tabs - I haven't used them but I'm curious if they are better than the usual powder.
  • Contact lenses and solution
  • Balea professional volumizing shampoo and conditioner - I use the one for shiny hair right now but it seems to be a little too heavy after they changed the formula. So I want to give this a try. Balea professional has really great shampoo, I think. Without silicon... Better than many expensive shampoos. I started using them, when Jettie from Give the bitch her chocolate blogged about it and I can only agree.
  • Ebelin professional nail polish remover. I haven't tried it yet but I read good things about it. I normally use the green bottle and it's not bad either.
  • Balea shaving gel... I switch up the scents like all the time. It works but isn't anything too special.
  • Catrice Cucuba Limited Edition - loose eye shadow C04 Havana Drum
  • P2 transparent lip liner
  • Wick cough drops with lemon taste - my favorite cough drops. I still can't get rid of my cold...
  • DM bag - you can give it back to the store and exchange it for another one or return it - like those returnable bottles to help saving the environment.

So an extended view on all the makeup items from several stores.

I ordered Sigma brushes from amazon.de recently. For almost 10€ for each brush, it was rather expensive but I love those four brushes. I just couldn't find any tapered blending brushes in normal stores and I wasn't willing to pay for Mac brushes... Now that I even got two (E35 and E40), I can't imagine my makeup life without it. E35 is slightly smaller than E40. I also got an eyeliner brush E05 and a tightline liner E16. They're great!

I've got several colored lip liners but this one from P2 is transparent. Actually quite genius. We only need one for all lipsticks...

I adore this Catrice loose eye shadow. It's from the cucuba limited edition - C04 Havana Drum. Beautiful color! Here's a swatch next to the Essence Nateventurista Limited Edition - 02 Mother earth is watching you, which I don't use as an eyeliner as it is supposed to be but as a creamy eye shadow.

Finally, I've bought my very first Mac blush - Love Joy. Isn't it adorable... Such a pretty fall color. It's shimmery, coppery and simply beautiful. Soo pigmented as well. I'm so sick of all the cheap plastic that breaks... I hope this will last for a long time... And it's probably just the start. I feel like I need more...


Of course, I've got some swatches as well.

Here it is next to Rimmel Coral which was soo hard to swatch because it didn't wanna give up any color to my wrist... As you can see, Mac's Love Joy is much more pigmented... ELF's Berry Merry is rather pinkish, plum-colored than the Mac blush.

Since my new Mac blush looked so brownish, I swatched it next to my other bronzers from Essence (02 Love to be Matt) and P2 (030 Bali Heat). Next to these more yellow-undertoned bronzers it shows off its reddish undertone. It lasted more than 12 hours... I'm impressed by so much quality...

And I haven't shown you how the OPI - Makes men blush looks like on my nails. Perfect pink for French nails... I made those last Saturday and now it's Friday and it just chipped. The lady at the counter told me to buy the top coat from OPI so that it'll last two weeks... Who the hell wants to have the same nail polish for two weeks?! I'm fine with these 6 days and now I'm glad I can paint another color on my nails...

Unfortunately, I can't capture the holo effect of the polish... It's too bad because it's so pretty!!!


So anyway, how do you like my haul?

October 4, 2012

[Tagged] More Things about Me

Miss W. created this additional lovely tag to the former Things About Me tag. So here we go...

What do you like to eat for breakfast?
I usually eat yoghurt with oatmeal and jam.
My favorite breakfast would be fresh croissants, waffles and fresh delicious fruits.

Which nail polish do you wear right now?
OPI - Makes Men Blush. I bought it at Galeria Kaufhof recently. Did you know that they sell OPI nail polishes there? I was totally taken by surprise and I couldn't resist to buy my very first OPI. Since I had a coupon, I only payed 14.40€. Still my most expensive nail polish in my collection... But what can I say. It's still the most beautiful light pink with slightly holographic shimmer. I'll make another post to show you. I haven't had luck with the lighting yet. None of my pictures look like reality.

What do you order in a bar?
Some kind of fruity cocktail probably a milk shake. I don't really like the taste of alcohol so I prefer drinks without it or those that don't taste too alcoholic… baileys is ok, too. Or new wine... Soo so good for this fall season.

Which are your favorite shoes?
My nude peep toes and my leo peep toes.

How do you like to eat your spaghetti?
Spicy Gambas al Aioli or Mussels in White Wine Sauce

What's your favorite color?
Red. Something like Mac's Russian Red as Lipstick.

Which non-human ability would you like to have?
Teleporting. That would be so cool… unfortunately it's only possible for really small objects :( Ever heard of quantum teleportation? It also works for photons, electrons, and single atoms.

What's your signature dish?
I really don't know. I don't like to eat the same thing over and over again, so I always switch my dishes…

My recent dish was this sparerib which I've marinated and baked in my oven. My boyfriend loved it. It's just so rare that I find spareribs in the supermarket...

What annoys you the most?

What would you like to experience once more?
I don't think I would want to because it wouldn't be the same anymore.

Which bonus cards do you have in your purse?
Payback, Tchibo, Görtz…

Which object have you repaired recently?
My bike… but it has got a puncture again... I can't believe how much bad luck I've had with this freaking bike this year.


October 2, 2012


Thank you for your comments on my last post! I really appreciate your sympathy!

My dad is feeling better now. We just can't grasp why nothing has happened so far... The family next door is still there. No punishment, no penalty, but new questions. My dad told me, the neighbors' asylum was denied (years ago) but they are still in Germany. I don't believe it's due to the children because I remember a boy from my elementary school who had to go back to Kenia after his family's asylum was denied or maybe the reason vanished - I really don't quite recall that fact but he was only eleven and he was really a nice guy without any trouble. Has politics changed that much since then? Anyway, something's odd about that family.