August 2, 2011

Hip Hop International 2011

The world-renowned competition Hip Hop International is over now. Although the videos on youtube are still of very low quality, I can't stop watching them... I have been ruling for my favorite all-girl-dancecrew Request. Parris Goebel, their head and choreographer, has proved to be out of this world. She definitely was crowned the queen of the night, leading three different dancecrews - Bubblegum (Junior), Sorority (Varsity) and Royal Family (Megacrew) to gold. If Request placed first at the adult division instead of second, it would have been a perfect strike. But anyway... I love them.

Unfortunately for the Germans, they didn't even make the semi-finals (top 30). I haven't seen their videos but I might talk about them lateron anyway because the Germans have their own particular style.

PS: The winners of the adult division were Plague from the UK.

Edit: I changed the video and the links to better quality.

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