November 15, 2012

Smart or beautiful?

Last weekend I read an article about plastic surgery on

It was mostly negative, saying how shallow the drive for beauty is. The usual blabla about more and more surgeries and how they will once be as normal as a haircut...

What truely shocked me was the following.

Petra, a German women's magazine, asked 1000 women if they would trade 10 IQ points for instantly erasing one beauty flaw. Almost 3/4 said yes...

Really? I mean, I understand that IQ points are somehow abstract and some people might not understand their meaning. But in a broader sense, they would like to become more stupid just to be more beautiful. It's sad how little some women value intelligence.

I think, it's a lot easier to lose weight or to buy clothes and makeup to make oneself more beautiful but it's nearly impossible to change your IQ.

November 14, 2012

A little Snobby?

May I introduce to you my professor's cat: Julie. She's an old lady who likes to talk a lot ^.^ like a real person as her vet said. But she's also a bit snobby because she doesn't come out until one has a master's degree. At least that's what my professor always says ^.^ In my case it is true. I haven't seen her before my Diploma in physics. Now that I'm almost done with my phd, she comes out to chat and get strokes... Isn't she beautiful?

I normally don't like cats because they're moody, scratch for no reason, lose hair and on top I'm allergic. But Julie is perfect.

She's probably the only antiallergic cat for me - no red eyes and no sneezing around her although she loses tons of hair when I pet her. She can't pull in her claws but doesn't scratch.

Hopefully she'll still have a long life...