August 8, 2011


The Jabbawockeez are an all-male hip hop dancecrew from California, founded in 2003. They are the first dancecrew that has ever won America's Best Dance Crew. Not only made they history in 2008, with ABDC on national television they changed the dimension of the dance community. There is so much more awareness for dance as a form of art and entertainment now - thanks to ABDC. The Jabbawockeez also have a show in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino.

The white masks are their signature accessory, chosen because one of their members (Gary Kendell) died and by the audience not being able to distinguish between the dancers, they felt his presence on stage. They have their own distinctive style of hip hop dance, great robotic isolations and entertainment. If I were to go to Las Vegas, I would definitely watch their show.

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    Ich habe einen Award für Dich und drücke die Daumen für viele neue Leser.


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