August 11, 2011

Taiwanese Woman at the Beach

As much as people from the west like to tan, Asian women mostly want to be fairy white and luminescent. So either way, there is a lot of effort and sometimes suffering... here there are sunburns, tanning studios, tanning lotions and early skin ageing and there are umbrellas, whitening creams, long sleeves and masks for the face and body at the highest temperature and humidity...
So for example here you might think, it was a cold day at the beach but not at all... this was in Taiwan at about 35˚C in the shadow and about 100% humidity. Just an hour earlier there was sunshine and no clouds but that's during the wet season... but don't be fooled, rain after a humid day doesn't freshen the air in tropical countries, neither does the night.

in Taiwan at the beach (2005)
Some even wear these masks and visors:

Long sleeves can also be added

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