April 19, 2013

Running for the first time since forever

I can't even remember when I went running the last time. It must have been more than a year... I barely find any pleasure in it but I know it's quite effective when I'm trying to lose weight. So that's what I need to do. Since my boyfriend and me will replace another couple in a dance, he will have to lift me twice for an 8 count. I don't want him to crash - that would be quite embarassing... ˆ.ˆ

Anyway, do you know the app "Runtastic"? << click >>
I just tried it out today because I wanted to know how many km and how much time I would need. It's quite fun to have a little gadget. Not only useful for music but also for recording the whole process. I know it's kinda stupid but I feel better seeing the statistics afterwards - it's like To-Do-lists ;)

First you will need to log in, then press start. You can chose between different sports. While you're running, it'll tell you after each km how many you got. Because of the GPS it'll also be able to tell you your exact route. Next time, I'll try to run 2 laps or maybe around the lake...

I was sooo slow... Almost 25 minutes for almost 3km. I used to run 5km in under 30min. That'll take some time, until I get there again. I really don't understand why the hell I'm not fitter. I dance 3-4 times a week. Each time for about 2 hours. Last Monday I went to a breakdance workshop. Three hours and the pain lasted 3 freaking days.

If you have a heart rate monitor, it'll show up as well. I don't have one anymore, so I just listen to myself and to music ;) but it's good for beginners because otherwise you might be in pain.

So far I don't know the difference between the normal and the pro version. I think it's the lack of advertisement.

April 7, 2013


For about two months I've been looking for a job now but it's a long process. I don't complain, I know it takes time. Rumor has it to be 4-6 months.

Yesterday at the party there was a guy from human resources of a company who asked me about my situation. (Last time we met, it was before my phd exam.) I told him, I was still looking. His response was: "I don't think, you'll find a job - the economy is really bad right now. We don't hire anyone right now."

Really nice... Thank you for over sharing. I didn't apply anyway but thanks to you, I know your company isn't doing too well! Isn't that like classified information? After that, I didn't even want to talk to him anymore.

One of my best friends also work for human resources but for a different company. She told me the exact opposite. Her company is almost desperately looking for people to hire...

Later that night the host told me, I should talk to that guy because he's in human resources and I should show him my application and what not... No thank you, not interested. I'm fine. I've had a couple telephone interviews and the first interview in person is coming up as well. I think, I'm okay. So far I don't panic, it's not that long and I treat it like vacations. I can sleep in, meet my friends, even finish up some research work for my upcoming publication... The last thing I want to hear is negativity from some random guy that I don't even know. I can't rush companies to interview me. And I don't want to be or look desperate because it might drive me to accept something I don't really want to do.

Sushi Party

Yesterday we went to a Sushi Party. Everybody brought some ingredients and we made sushi together. Look at all the deliciousness of last night...



The might not look as great as from real sushi masters but it was still great... Wouldn't you want to go to a sushi party as well?

The only thing I'm a little picky about is the handling of the food... I mean, I know everyone washed their hands before touching the food but I really prefer using tools like chopsticks and spoons. There's just too much hands involved. I don't know... The other thing is the dipping. I really like having my own dipping bowl, except for family or really close friends.