August 7, 2011

San Diego 2007

After my exchange year (2006/07) in the US, I went to California for three weeks. I spent a couple days in San Diego with a friend whom I've known from a Chinese summer school in Taiwan. It was so fun to walk over his campus in La Jolla. Somehow, I just can't get over the fact that the beach belongs to the university. UCSD seems perfect... From all the cities in California, I liked San Diego the most and LA the least, although San Francisco has its own charm as well. But what I liked most in San Diego is the obvious Mexican heritage... the houses are a hint more colorful, more sunshine, the better beach ;)

 In the city, having delicious lunch.

Btw, the dining hall at the right upper corner was the spaceship in "Attack of the killer tomatoes", my friend told me.


The famous San Diego Zoo.

The Zoo with a beautiful green landscape.


  1. Nice pictures. San Diego is my favourite Californian city, too. I do not like L.A. and never could quite get the hang of S.F. (I am planning to visit S.F. again at some stage though as it deserves a second chance).

  2. Great pictures! :)


  3. Thank you :) I'll give SF another shot as well, though I don't know if I'll have time to go there as well in February...

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