August 24, 2011

Gion Tsujiri in Kyoto

My very lovely Japanese friends Yoko and Mirika told me to eat at this great tea shop when being in Kyoto. As a German, I would rather call it a café but anyway... Mirika went with me and we had a lovely dessert at Gion Tsujiri which specialized in green tea sweets - there is the famous icecream, small waffle rolls, cream, jelly, soft rice balls, cakes, muffins... really anthing you could imagine that could be made of green tea powder. It's fantastic, but be careful, you have to stand in line for quite awhile and it is very crowded.

It is also possible to buy a lot of those sweets from the restaurant in the integrated little shop nearby.

As the name already implies, the café is in the Gion District of Kyoto, where the famous Geishas once paced in ancient times...

Gion Tsujiri (Kyoto City, Gionmachi-Minamigawa 573-3)

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