August 12, 2011

Outfit #1

So well. I made up my mind and I decided I wanted to show outfits and make-up as well. And here is my first outfit... It's actually not from today, that's why I'm not calling it OOTD.

The skirt is from New Yorker. The top is from H&M as well as the necklace. The belt is from the Domincan Republic, a gift from my boyfriend. It's made of coconut. I wanted to wear brown flats with this but I hurt my foot, so I ended up with these Ipanema flipflops. The side effect is, you can actually see my nailpolish...

I wasn't able to take any good pictures from my makeup... so maybe next time... I'll practice, I promise ^^


  1. I like! I think the flipflop thing works out well. Very summery and light.

  2. Saaaaaaaaaaag mal... kennen wir uns nicht aus der "Carelessness in Dressind..."-Gruppe bei studi?

  3. jaja genau, dass du das noch weißt ^^ so bin ich auch auf deinen Blog gekommen... vor allem seitdem in studivz gar nichts mehr los ist, bin ich immer mal wieder bei dir am lesen.


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