October 12, 2013

Universal Balance

Don't you feel like the universe has its own balance? For every bad event there will be a happy event. 

But unfortunately, it also works both ways...

While I parked at a café waiting for my friend to be done with work, somebody scratched my car trying to get out of the parking lot... So annoying... It wasn't even all that narrow :-(

Fortunately, I've got his contact information and I wrote an email to my insurance but I'm not sure what happens next. 

Hunting a new Place

Hey everyone,

How are you doing? I've been hunting apartments like a maniac... I've written tons of emails and called agents to gather appointments to take a look at the apartments. The city seems to be quite popular. All the agents don't even bother to really read their emails. Besides, good apartments are instantly gone. Well, but that's the same in every bigger city I guess.


When I drove south, I was worried, I wouldn't have enough appointments. But I was lucky enough to get those for my top 2 + some additional Plan B material.


Day 1

I only had one appointment (30min from work).


  • That apartment is huge!!!
  • The owners were nice
  • They have a cat that seemed to like me
  • No commission


  • Long way to work... And I don't know how long it'll actually take. 30 minutes are the minimum
  • The owners live right underneath

I told them I was interested and within the same day, they told me, I could have the apartment. I should come and see the contract the other day.

Since I spent the night at a friend's house, I told them, I'd come around lunch time. Then, I cancelled all of my Plan B material because the apartment was pretty amazing. There was only one l really wanted to see.

Day 2

From formerly 5 appointments I only kept one.


  • Short way to work (only 10 minutes)
  • Beautiful apartment
  • The kitchen is red... And it is so much cheaper than the other (also smaller but still ok)
  • Owner doesn't even live anywhere close
  • Supermarket on the other side of the street


  • Commission for the agent

This was definitely my favorite out of the two. I didn't even care about the commission... This was perfect.

I was so sad because I was almost sure, they wouldn't be able to pick me within the next couple of hours, especially because there was still an agent between me and the owner - a very busy agent that had another appointment right after my tour. Although my hopes were down, I told her anyway that I needed the decision as soon as possible because I've got another offer and answered her questionary with copies of my work contract and my paper...


I spent two hours in the parking lot of a supermarket thinking about what to do. I called my boyfriend and several other friends for advice...

While I waited, I found this chocolate by Lindt: Hello, my name is peanut butter: Wanna go nuts with me? So great to finally have chocolate and peanut butter in a German praline. Frau Shopping raved about it as well << click >> but I just couldn't find it in my normal supermarket.


Then, I decided that I would take a look at the contract but NOT sign it.


Only two hours after I've seen the apartment - I just drove my car into the street of the first apartment from the day before, when the agent actually called to first scold me for not having mentioned my phd on the questionary and second to congratulate me to the apartment.


The bottom line

Mention your phd with your name, even if they don't ask. I didn't know, it would be useful (especially after all the Guttenberg scandals of the past couple of years)...


October 5, 2013

Small Update

Hey everyone,
How are you doing? I have been quite busy recently but I want to give you a small update on my life... I got a job in research and development in a Swiss company which will start in December. This time everything worked out perfectly. 

I went to a very long 3h job interview. They wanted me right away, as they've told me. I got the contract via email a week later. Last week I signed the paper version. Woohoo!!! :-)

Thus I need to look for an apartment. I won't be moving to Switzerland but very close to the border. I'll keep you updated about the next steps...