August 17, 2011

Oldschool Hip Hop Dance Styles

The styles of oldschool hip hop dance are Popping, Locking and Electric Boogaloo.

Locking is traditionally danced to funk music such as James Brown. The inventor of locking is Don Campbell who did it by accident when pausing during the funky chicken and not performing fluently because he forgot the next steps. Since his audience enjoyed his performance, he started to incorporate it into his further shows. Locking is a comical dance, which is also shown in the names of several moves such as "Scoo B Doo", "Skeeter Rabbit" or "Stomp the Cockroach".

Popping was also created at about the same time (1960-70s). The technique is based on quick muscle contractions and relaxations.

Electric Boogaloo is a fluid leg-oriented style which is closely connected to Popping.

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