July 15, 2012

[Tagged] You smell gorgeous!

from Miss W.

1. Your favorite scent?

Zen, Shiseido (see my recent blogpost << click >>).

2. What kind of scent do you like best?

Fresh, fruity but not too much like citrus. Not too sweet. A little spicy but not too much...

3. Your first perfume?

Chanel Allure - I got it from my Mom because she got it as a present and didn't use it.

4. Do you use matching bodylotion and showergel?

I did... Dove Go Fresh - Fresh Touch (<< click >>) but it's empty and I can't find all the products in Germany and I read that even the deodorant won't be continued. I still have a back-up but still... So sad...

5. Which scents do you own?

  • Body mists:
    1. Adidas - Free Emotion*
      (it smells like summer - so fresh and fruity)
    2. Bath&Body Works - Exotic Coconut
      (a bit too strong but great coconut smell for the hair)
    3. Calgon - Tropical Dream
      (very floral, it's a present which I don't wear very often but I used to like it a lot)

  • Perfumes and Eaus de Toilette
    1. Zen, Shiseido
      (Christmas present 2011 from my boyfriend, love it very much)
    2. Bombshell, Victoria's Secret*
      (bought it in Chicago and LOVE it, it's the best scent from VS because it's not as heavy and sweet as their other lines)
    3. Diamonds, Armani
      (my first Christmas present from my boyfriend... same name as my dance group)
    4. A scent by Issey Miyaki*
      (absolutely love this... a little bit like green tea, not too strong)
    5. Sentiment, Escada
      (A present, I used to like very much but now I think it's too sweet but it's good for winter)
    6. Cat Deluxe, Naomi Campbell
      (I don't like it, it's too sweet but I got it as a present)
* bought by myself

6. Which perfume is on your must-have list?

Armani Code, Georgio Armani.

7. What else do you like to smell (apart from your favorite perfume)?
  • My boyfriend
  • Freshly cooked meals
  • Fruits when they are ripe, especially mango
  • Fresh coffee

July 14, 2012

Cute Coin Purses (from Ebay)

Another Ebay haul from me again :) I love these small purses where you can put your coins, hair clips and bobby pins... They might be a bit corny or even tacky for some of you but I'm still a little girl inside and I love these.

As I mentioned, I got them on Ebay (<< click >>) for only 1.37€ (1.68$) each. So far, I ordered #4 (strawberry), #8 (Hello Kitty) and #33 (water melon). They have a diameter of about 10 cm (about 4 inch). I think the quality is actually quite good. Not as cheap as I expected. There's no glue but real stitches. The material is soft, a little like teddybears, except the watermelon's red part which is made of felt. The inside is made of plastic but I think that's great because you can clean it easily.

The strawberry carries all my technical stuff - another battery for my camera, some SD cards, my iPad camera connection kit and USB sticks.
Hello Kitty contains all my bobby pins and smaller hair clips - it's very convenient. I just put it in my purse and since Hello Kitty has that little bow, it's very easy to find and as I think, it matches its purpose pretty great.
The watermelon carries some of my earrings when I travel... Maybe I switch it up with the strawberry eventually. I don't like the water melon as much as the other two coin bags... but anyway, I think I'll order some more as presents for my friends (or their children ˆ.ˆ).

Since this offer is from China, it takes time to get here (1 month approximately). I had to go to customs recently because they didn't put the invoice on the outside of the package and I had to prove how much I payed (print out from paypal) but I could take it home right away without having to pay for customs.

July 12, 2012

Outfit #17 - Official Event at the University

Today we had an official event for various companies that came to the university. Not necessarily a job fair, it was supposed to stimulate mutual understanding and promote collaborations between the university and external companies. It's twice a year.

Therefore, I decided to go with this black blouse dress from Esprit which I haven't worn forever. I got that in highschool which is like TEN years ago. Oh god, I'm getting old... but it's still cute :)

Anyway, I decided to pair it with my nude peeptoes from Payless (see my Chicago haul << click >>), H&M bracelets and matching handbag from H&M as well. My makeup is very simple - just brown tones, bronzer, blush and lipstick.

The nailpolish is from Petites by Scherer #113 Island Smoothie. I think I got it in New York a couple years ago when I forgot to bring nailpolish... Today, I wore it on my finger and toe nails but I think I like it better on my feet because the result is a bit streaky on my hands. It has this metallic light pinkish finish which is so cute... Have you seen Essie's new metallic line? A little like that but Essie has better quality.

Do you know where I can get those nailpolish racks that all the youtube gurus have? I really want one for my new appartment.

July 10, 2012

iPad Pens

My favorite item of this year is my gorgeous little iPad (3). I take it everywhere...

The calendar is so much bigger than on my cell phone. It can grasp so much more information. I can read ebooks and papers for my classes, make notes in my pdfs either by typing or handwriting. I do my photo editing on it, as you might have seen :) When I first heard about tablet PCs, I thought I would never need them... but now I can hardly imagine my life without one. I even take notes for my classes or meetings with my advisors. For that handwriting part I bought 10 pens from China. They can be used for capacitive screens. Since resistive screens are operated by pressure, they don't really need pens, anything pointy will do.

Anyway... I bought 10 pens because they were so cheap on ebay (<< click >>), only 2.80 € (3.45$), especially compared to the ridiculous price of 40€ which I found via a short google search. I think that was for the original Stylus Pens but it's not that expensive anymore - I even saw some on Tchibo recently (<< click >>) but still 12.95 € for only one pen... I gave three pens to my friends (2 gold and one blue pen). The rest is somewhere in my purses and on my desk. Since I ordered these pens from Hong Kong, it takes about a month until they got here. German customs are very strict but for such low price items, you don't have to worry about paying for customs.

I think, they are really great. They allow me to have more control over my writing compared to just using my finger. I even sign pdfs with them :) it's so convenient and sooo so much better than printing.