November 14, 2011

Santo Domingo

We spent almost all of our vacation in Santo Domingo staying at the house of my boyfriend's mother. Thus I can't tell you anything about the hotels though some look really lovely from the outside... Fortunately, we get along really well, although my speaking skills are not really developed. It's also very hard for me to understand some Dominicancs because they swallow all "s". Anyway, I had a great time and I think my pictures will tell you that as well.

I only took pictures from the beautiful places. There is also a lot of poverty, much more than we could imagine living in Europe but I feel bad about photographing poverty and it's also not that safe in some areas.

The locals call their government building "White House", which it ressembles indeed, although I would rather call it sand-colored than white... It's quite nice to walk around that area because everything is clean and the streets area nice. There's also tons of security with machine guns. I don't quite like that sight because it scares me but some people might find it safe...

The "White" House and El Conde
The colonial influence of Columbus is quite visible. Since I'm a big fan of white and pastel colors for houses and dark ornaments as decoration, I must love this style of course... but see for yourselves...

Buildings in El Conde
Amongst others, Columbus landed in Santo Domingo on his first journey to the "Asian" continent. You can see his son's house on one of these pictures.

Casa de Colón
It's rather funny that there are actually quite a lot of Chinese on this island. They own most of the supermarkets and shops for clothes and shoes. I talked to some in Chinese and even danced Salsa with my boyfriend in a small touristic store whose owner Juancito told us I was the first Chinese Salsa dancer in his life ˆ-ˆ. He was a bit sad because apparently, Chinese don't dance in the Dominican Republic although there are many Asian dancers all over the world... Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to any Taiwanese restaurants he recommended because we didn't have enough time... maybe next time ;-)

Most of the Chinese that we met couldn't believe that we were a couple. Interracial couples are quite rare and according to Juancito there are a couple Chinese men dating latinas but no Chinese women dating latinos. Some Chinese have an issue with black people (or other races in general but there are more prejudices against blacks) and since men have more freedom in Chinese families, that might be the reason...

The campus of the University UNAPEC is very beautiful and modern. Some people study for several decades mostly because they need to work to support themselves. Graduating from university isn't a prerequisite to succeed in work. Being a phd-student isn't considered a full-time job in the Dominican Republic...

My boyfriend was a trained contemporary dancer when he still lived in the Dominican Republic. He danced in the University, private dancestudios and also in the Bellas Artes, working also for hotels in Punta Cana. It must have been great and exciting back then. Walking around the streets we usually met a couple people by accident who know him as a dancer. His teachers still give classes and have invited us several times for various events. I was really impressed by the dancers, the classes and I might show you some more in another post...

UNAPEC and Bellas Artes
PS: Btw. just in case you wonder, my boyfriend is okay with his pictures on my blog.

November 6, 2011

Playas de la República Dominicana

The beaches that I've seen look like postcards. They are so beautiful - white and soft sand, clear water, warm like a bathtub. Since it's a tropical island, it's always warm (around 30ºC) and even if it rains, it doesn't last very long. My boyfriend who grew up in that country can't remember a day without a bit of sunshine. It's no surprise that the Dominican Republic is one of the top touristic countries with Punta Cana being the mekka of all-inclusive hotels. Don't be surprised to find one resort after the other, even the prices are often given in USD instead of Dominican pesos. The hotel region of Punta Cana is also called Bavaro, named after their first all-inclusive hotel "Bavaro".

So here are a few examples.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana

Boca Chica

On the road

I'll talk about our hotel lateron because we just stayed for three nights to relax from the traffic... The next post will be about the capital Santo Domingo...

November 4, 2011

I'm back...

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to write anything from my vacation in the Carribean. After all, it was a third world country and internet proved to be difficult to handle but anyway... It was wonderful, I'm tanned, relaxed but totally done for today. So, I'll do my cleaning, washing and so on.

You'll read from me soon...