August 5, 2011


Not only will I travel to the Dominican Republic in October, I just found out that I'll probably be going to a conference in San Diego next February... I'm so excited. I love travelling and I love San Diego. Maybe, I'll show you a couple of my pictures from 2007.

I'm also excited about going to the Dominican Republic because maybe this year, I'll understand what people say. It won't be an all-inclusive vacation! My boyfriend is Dominican and we went to see his family last year and we'll do that this year as well. I've been learning Spanish for three semesters now and I really hope, I'll get along. Especially because I passed the B1 level which is also required for German if you want to become a German citizen. So we'll see...

Boca Chica 2010

But anyway... Who doesn't like the Caribbean???


  1. Sounds exciting. Never been to the Carribean - but would love to visit the island one day.

  2. It's absolutely beautiful... especially the beaches. So white and pretty.


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