September 11, 2013

[Job Applications] It's good... but it's also bad...

Hey everybody, how are you doing?

I'm still looking for a job. I actually can't believe it takes that long but ok. That's how it is... Meanwhile here's another one of my stories...

First of all, to my background, I've got a phd in (medical) physics and I speak several languages such as German, English, French, Spanish and also Mandarin Chinese which is also my second mother tongue.

Anyway, I went to a job interview. The guy that interviewed me was pretty young and he apparently had never done anything like that before, as he was very confusing and going back and forth with his questions. At one point we talked about the company's locations which is about everywhere in the world, when I mention that I speak Chinese as well. And this is his exact quote:

Well, that's good... but it's also bad... because if we talk to the Chinese, they might only want to talk to you but I'm the boss and they are supposed to talk to me.

Then he also added that he gets head aches from talking English in America because his English is so bad.

Now, what am I supposed to say to that?! Thanks for being honest. I'm speechless...

September 10, 2013

Nail Art: Cherry Blossoms

I know, it's not really the season for cherry blossoms but somehow I wanted to try out this little nail design.



I used the following products:

  1. As the base: Essie - Grow Richer
  2. Main Color: Catrice Ultimate Nudes - 01 Karl says très chic
  3. Black branches: Essence Colour & Go - 21 Fabuless
  4. Essence dotting tool
  5. White blossoms: P2 color victim - 030 virgin
  6. Red dots: Catrice ultimate nail lacquer - C01 Red Butler
  7. Top coat: Essence studio nails - better than gel nails

I think the main color from Catrice is a little thick which I don't like too much but it looks nice once it's on the nails. One coat is quite opaque but I used two nonetheless because it wasn't the same on all my nails.


How do you like my little flowers? Somehow I think it's still fall appropriate because of the rosewood nude polish which is a great color.



September 8, 2013

Travel Tip: Masks

Hey everybody,

Hope you've had a great weekend. Mine was very relaxing...

Since I'm about to leave for a trip again, I thought I share a travel tip from some YouTube beauty gurus. Use a mask whenever you fly long distance. Because of the air conditioning the air is very dry. Thus giving back moisture to the skin by applying a mask is perfect. I do that mostly, when the lights go out because it's not as embarrassing... But actually I shouldn't care.

When I'm done with my mask, my skin feels absolutely great because it absorbs almost everything.


Here are a couple of mine from the past few trips... I can recommend #1 and #3 from the German drugstore DM. I didn't like #2 because it contains alcohol which dried out my skin instead of helping me. #4 are great tissue masks from Taiwan. I love these and I'll buy more, when I get there again. Unfortunately, it won't be any time soon...