July 31, 2011

Circle lenses vs. colored contact lenses

I am kinda obsessed with green eyes and I always wanted to see how I would look like with green eyes... That's why I tried them both: Circle lenses and colored contact lenses. You might wonder, what's the difference. Well, the difference is the diameter of the lenses. The colored contact lenses are just as big as your own eye (about 14mm), while circle lenses are bigger (16.5mm) to make the eyes look more doll-like. They are also mostly rimmed by a black circle. Opticians say the bigger they are the worse because the more the eye is covered, the less oxygen gets there which might cause inflammation etc.

But here is my problem... I can't see properly through colored contact lenses because the non-colored area in the middle is too small, while I see perfectly through circle lenses.

Circle Lenses
Colored Contact Lenses

I bought both of them online. The circle lenses are from pinkyparadise.com (Geo Angel Green for 20.71 EUR) while the colored lenses are from linsensuppe.de. They don't sell mine anymore. I bought daily colored lenses from Fresh Look Color (23.90 EUR for 20 lenses - 10 for the left and 10 for the right eye). And although I think this is more sanitary and they also look more natural, I wouldn't buy them again because I couldn't see properly. I'm not sure about the circle lenses yet. They are supposed to be wearable for a year. Since I won't be wearing them very often, I think it will be fine... I think the difference is that I can't wear them as long as normal contact lenses on one day, but that's okay. I only wear them to go out during night time and certainly not regularly. I haven't found any daily circle lenses yet. That would be nice though.

Anyway, I don't think any of those lenses look green on my eyes... They are too dark *sigh*

July 30, 2011

Beijing 2009

I went on a small East Asia Trip after my last graduation which was in 2009. I started in Beijing because my cousin lives there with his wife. Although I love my cousin very much, I won't come and visit Beijing again or his house until he gets divorced. That might sound drastic but seriously... His wife is a bitch and I rather not talk to her ever again... Not only did she not do sightseeing with me, which I wouldn't mind, if she actually had something to do, but playing Wii all day doesn't count in my opinion. She is a housewife who does not clean, cook, do laundry... actually, she didn't even change her clothes from when I saw her in the morning. What kind of wife ist that? And she isn't even nice... Next thing which I was truely bothered about... They took me to church withouth asking me, if I wanted to join. Not asking is like forcing. If they asked, I would have come anyway. wtf. Also, this church was more than strange... I only know Catholic churches and a couple protestant ones, but I haven't seen advertisement in church ever before...
Well but other than that, I was pretty lucky, I had two days with sunshine and no clouds in the sky... When does that ever happen in Beijing?

We went to the Great Wall right after I arrive at the airport.
The famous Beijing Duck at the Da Dong Restaurant... still, my Dad does a way better job... 
And of course the Tiananmen Square
the Forbidden City
The Temple of Heaven
The Zoo with that cute little panda that looks like a man in a costume ^^
 And last but not least the Summer Palace

The pictures were taken by me. I created a little photo book on iPhoto, thus the text every now and then.

July 29, 2011

Kaba Modern

Kaba Modern is an American hip hop dancecrew from the University of California, Irvine. They were founded in 1992. I have known them from the first season of America's Best Dance Crew in 2008 (Top 3). They are so inspiring to me as a dancer. The following video is from the live auditions of ABDC.

Der Bachelor

Do you know Xing? It is a social platform like Facebook but for professionals. The German TV station RTL asked me, if I wanted to participate in the dating show "The Bachelor". Are they freaking kidding me?... I am getting a phd degree in physics. Do I appear to be the kind of person who would search for Mr. Right on national television? I wouldn't be surprised on Facebook but seriously - on Xing?! Sorry, but here are a couple reasons against this whole concept:
  1. I have a boyfriend.
  2. Money can't buy me.
  3. I would never ever participate in a dating show on TV.
  4. It's cheap.
  5. It's embarrassing.
  6. I will have job interviews after my graduation. Participating would lower my chances of finding the right job.
  7. Finding Mr. Right on a dating show is purely ridiculous.
  8. If that guy was that rich, smart and great, he could easily find a girlfriend on his own. 
So lastly, a little tip to the people from RTL. Take a look on Facebook - at least it tells you the relationship status of the women you are looking for and it also contains a lot more information and pictures.

July 27, 2011

Les Twins

May I introduce to you: Les Twins. As their name already implies, Larry and Laurent Bourgeouis are twins, coming from France. They dance New Style Hip Hop and are absolutely ingenius. Their musicality leaves me speechless. I could watch them all day and wouldn't be bored... but see for yourself:

All beginnings are difficult...

Hello, I am La Chinita. I am a 27-year-old German with Asian roots. My boyfriend calls me Chinita because of that and I kinda like the name ^^. I am a physics phd student, but don't worry, I will probably not talk about physics on this blog ^^ I haven't figured out if I want this blog to show my face. Sorry about that...
This blog will probably be about random topics, except of one passion in my life: Dancing. I will slowly introduce all the major dancers and choreographers that I adore. But other than that, I haven't entirely thought this blog out. So it will most likely be up to a lot of changes in the future.