August 13, 2011

S**t Kingz

The S**t Kingz are a Japanese dance crew consisting of four male dancers (Shoji, Kazuki, Noppo, Oguri). They are very famous for dancing Hip Hop New Style, especially since winning Body Rock twice in a row (2010 and 2011). Body Rock is a very prestigious hip hop dance competition in San Diego existing since 2000, originally called Bustagroove. The S**t Kingz were actually the first international dance crew to ever win it. I was quite surprised to see them participate because I find it difficult to compare these four dancers with the other crews of 20+ dancers. I think Hip Hop Internationals made a better job, dividing Megacrews (14+ dancers) and normal groups (up to 8 dancers). But still, I love them and their style...

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