September 19, 2011

Tokyo by Night

Starting off my Japan series with Matcha Latte and Gion Tsujiri, a green tea café, I'll continue with Tokyo by Night (2009). I love Tokyo for being so enormously big but still having these beautiful areas like little islands of peace and harmony. It is so well-balanced and perfect. I felt so at ease, even at night when I was on my own. Incredible how save Tokyo is. There's no other city like this.

These first pictures were taken in Asakusa, a district of Tokyo which is very famous for its temples. It was one of the first locations that I visited and I couldn't believe how clean the streets were... so surreal, just think about how dirty most big cities are and how many people there are in Tokyo (almost 9 million). I used to think Germany has the cleanest streets but now I think it is Japan... (and don't say Singapore... Been there... )

Haha you probably recognize this place... The famous Shibuya disctrict which is a very popular shopping and entertainment area for young people in Japan. I almost got lost because it is so big.

Full of Fashion, department stores and people... There's also a salsa bar on these pictures - it's a world-wide trend. Haha... maybe I'll do a salsa post as well ;-)

Kebab is also such an international thing... Döner for the world!

Another entertainment district is Ginza... I think it is more grown-up than Shibuya because the department stores are more luxurious, there are also theaters and galeries and it is less crowded...


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