September 8, 2011

Physical Funk

Physical Funk are a German hip hop dancecrew. They were founded in 2006 and have been successful ever since, winning the German Dance Masters Competition several times as well as the UDO European Championship of 2011. They also competed at Hip Hop International, where they placed 5th in 2009 (watch their performance in this video) but in 2010 and 2011 their chances became lower and lower. I suppose it is because Hip Hop Internationals has become more and more commercial - the direct link to ABDC speaks to itself. It's not a judgement, just a note!

Anyway... Physical Funk just opened a Dance Studio in Edingen last week, which is between Mannheim and Heidelberg. So if you're looking for Hip Hop classes, this is the way to go! They are very nice and humble people and what I've experienced so far, they're great teachers as well. And if you're young and talented, you might be interested in the fact that they want to build a junior crew for competitions. It costs only 20 EUR per month for as many classes as you want to take until December. Compared to other schools, it's a really good deal! Especially for the quality they offer... 

I hope they will be very successful because I find it really sad that dance is the only artform that doesn't pay off (except if classes are given or a school is opened). Well-known painters, actors and singers earn soooo much more than well-known dancers... but maybe times will change...

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