September 23, 2011

Physics Sensation?!

I originally didn't want to write about physics... but if it's true, it's a huge sensation...

Researchers of the OPERA expriment in Swizzerland found particles faster than light! Originally, they wanted to see the muon neutrino oscillating into a tau neutrino but found something with a way bigger impact instead! Neutrinos, which are particles with mass, were 0.0005% faster than light. According to Einstein's theory of relativity (you all know E=mcˆ2, right?), nothing is faster than light (if we talk particle-wise, they are called photons). Especially particles with mass have to be slower than light... Einstein has been proved right tons of times. Therefore, the researchers are very sceptical and careful with their conclusion. They hope the Fermilab in the US will repeat their measurements (from 2009-2011) in order to find the possible mistake. But if they confirm that neutrinos are faster than light, you know who'll get a Noble Prize, don't ya! And another one for the theoretical physicist who finds the according theory to explain all that...

I'm very excited since lunch, when I heard about the measurement. The poor freshmen wanted to watch the livestream of the OPERA press conference, which turned out to be a lecture... haha I didn't even understand too much of what the professor said because it was so technical (where the satelite is, how far away, how accurate they measured, the whole statistics,...) and everything combined with a thick accent...

Then a freshman asked me, what's the big deal? So at least you know ;-)

If you want to know more, click here.

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  1. In case they are proved right, what would the implications be?


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