September 26, 2011


As I've mentioned in August, I was supposed to go to a conference in San Diego next year but with the deadline for the abstract coming next Friday, there is some confusement... The submission process is quite complicated, so that my group started debating on whether another conference around Chicago in March or another one in Sapporo, Japan in August wouldn't be better... not only because it's complicated but also thematically. With the pending deadline in our neck everything is just messed up... Who would have thought the submission to be more complicated than writing the actual actract. Shouldn't the scientific work be harder?

I know... I should stop complaining... I just can't help it. It's a bit disappointing...

Edit: I'm over it :) I haven't been to any of these places, so whatever... woohoo my flight will be payed, so what else should I want?! ˆ-ˆ


  1. Hach ja, so eine Doktorarbeit beansprucht einen wirklich. Wenn es nicht gerade eine Mediziner-Schmalspur-Diss ist ;) Wohin fliegt ihr denn jetzt?

    Ich war gerade ganz erstaunt, dass ich deinen Blog noch gar nicht abonniert hatte. Habe es gleich mal nachgeholt!

  2. Lieb von dir ^^ Danke.
    Ich jongliere gerade 3 Jobs... meine Doktorarbeit, als Tutorin und Praktikumsbetreuung. Also im Moment hab ich nicht viel Schlaf und die Konferenz ist auch noch unklar. Bis Freitag wird entschieden.

  3. Well. I wrote and re-wrote my abstract about three million times. I felt that it was the hardest thing to write...


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