September 3, 2011

ELF: Eyes, Lips, Face

I ordered the following products on the e.l.f. cosmetics homepage.
I originally bought the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, the contour brush, the natural radiance blush (innocence), the mineral blush (berry merry), the waterproof eyeliner pen (black) and two nailpolishes (light pink and white).

Unfortunately, the white nailpolish leaked out and wasn't very good either, so I threw it away. The innocence blush wasn't very satisfying either because the pigmentation is quite weak, especially for my dark skin - I use it as an eyeshadow now. But the other products that I've bought are quite great. The contour brush is soooo smooth and soft. I need to buy a couple more, besides the powder brush from the studio line (it was sold out the last time). Because of my Asian eyes, eyeshadow normally doesn't last on my eyelids but this mineral eyeshadow primer works wonders... it's better than the Manhattan base that I used before (dried out very fast). The waterproof eyeliner pen is empty now but I used it very often and I will buy a new one.

ELF light pink (2 coats)
pure nails

Sorry for the change of lightning... Somehow the sun came out, when my nailpolish finally dried. I'm not sure yet, if I'd buy any other nailpolish from E.L.F. anymore. The white nailpolish was a big disappointment but the light pink is just great. Two coats are enough for my perfect rosé.

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