September 9, 2011

[Tagged] Mirror, Mirror on the wall

A self-created tag from lovely Miss Winkelmann.

1. Describe your style. What does it say about you?
I like different styles: From chic to classic to sporty. It can be anything, depending on my mood... I love sophisticated, elegant looks but nearly never do I have an opportunity... Preppy Style is soo cute (though I like that more on blonds than on myself).

Since I dance a lot, I have also quite a few sport outfits. But mostly it's just casual...

2. Your Color Scheme
My favorite color is red. I love bright colors in general... mostly combined with neutrals.

3. Your favorite clothes
It's from the Dominican Republic and I love the asymmetric cut and how vibrant the color is...

4. Your styling rule
Only wear clothes that highlight your features but don't overdo it. Don't follow trends blindly because it might not be made for you.

5. Your biggest mispurchase
A white cardigan from Orsay. It had a stain that I couldn't bleach out and the fabric was so poor, I had to throw it away. Next time, I'll invest in a better brand... maybe Tommy Hilfiger... I saw a really cute white cardigan last time but they didn't have my size...

6. Your fashion secret
Always wear the right underwear (skin color and seemless for a lot of things).
Edit: And most importantly, have the right attitude. Without self-confidence, the best outfit is worthless.

7. Your problem area and how you hide it
I'm small but still curvy so I have to be careful what I wear. I avoid too low-cut tops and in general clothes that are too tight because I don't want to look like head cheese (Presswurst). And I try to wear heels but sometimes it's just no option...

8. Where you buy your clothes
Probably everwhere... I even try to buy clothes whenever I travel. I like the memories whenever I have the chance to wear some outfits from abroad. But of course, I mostly buy my clothes from stores like H&M, New Yorker, Zara, etc.

9. Where you get inspired
Internet, videos, blogs, travelling... There are lots of different ways to get inspired. Some cities are just more fashionable than others. For example, in Tokyo I already felt bad going outside without make-up because some girls just doll-up so much.
Of course, I wouldn't wear that but still there's more pressure.

Dancers also inspire me a lot. I like their urban style...

Don't have any... Maybe I'll find one when I really start working for a company rather than the university. I try not to think about brands because I can't buy most of them anyway.

11. Do you tailor your own clothes?
No. I'm not talented enough and my sewing machine is really bad... I can only shorten things. Since I'm so small, I need to sew all my jeans.

12. Do you collect anything?
Scarfs and belts to match my outfits... I also own tons of tanktops, neckholder tops and bandeau tops.

13. How do you like partner looks?
Only on twins and only when they are little. I don't even like uniforms for dance groups...

14. Do you like Halloween?
Not too much... I once dressed up as a Hawaiian Hula dancer during my year abroad at an American university. Since I actually dance Hula, it wasn't much of a dress-up though :D. To that time, I also liked to accessorize with a flower in my hair. No wonder that most people thought I was from Hawaii. 

15. Your own wedding-look
White and beautiful of course... Maybe something red incorporated but I don't know... My own wedding is still far away.

16. Your go-to wedding-look
Definitely a dress... If long or short depends on the weather and the style of the wedding...

17. Your shopping rule that you always break
This time only window-shopping.

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  1. Lovely colour scheme... unfortunately it would never work with my hair/eyes/skin.


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