September 11, 2011


This week-end, I went for a walk with my boyfriend. At the water reservoir in Mannheim, there was a huge event, called Autosymphonic, because of the car's 125th birthday. It was the world premiere of a multimedial symphony, including "Die Söhne Mannheims", a choire, orchestra and real cars which were used as instruments throughout the piece. I took a couple pictures from the light beams because they were so strong and beautiful...

Uninformed as we were, we didn't know about it and didn't buy any tickets. Unlike the first rumors, they were not as expensive as we heard - starting from around 27 EUR (but up to 195 EUR for the VIP). There were white screens all over the place so that nobody could really sneak inside or even watch for free... But even outside, there were tons of people sitting in the grass and just listening and watching the light beams.

The music was contemporary like in "Donaueschingen Festival" but not as crazy. It is a huge project incorporating visual effects as well but I didn't find it very special. Cars as percussion instead of trash cans. great... oO

But anyway, I read a lot of positive comments about the visual effects. They made the water reservoir turn in an illusion. Sitting inside, it must have been a great.

Edit: Just watch the video below... soooo impressive... wow

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