March 19, 2013

Review: Camera Stand

This big tripod is from << click >>. I actually bought it last summer and made these pictures but totally forgot to blog about it... But since I've got it for such a long time, I can give you an honest review on it.

I bought it because I need to film a lot of our dancing, not only on stage but also during rehearsals. Otherwise we won't ever be in sync... It's also great to take pictures. Now, we don't have to ask anyone anymore.


Characteristics of the Cullmann Alpha 1000

  • The camera stand was pretty inexpensive, only 14.05€. I didn't even have to pay for shipping.
  • It's light, only 480g by itself, and it can carry cameras up to 1kg. So it's nothing for DSLRs but it works fine for smaller cameras like mine.
  • The full size is 1.06m but can be folded into 37cm. The folding and unfolding is pretty easy. There are some clips to hold the legs.
  • It also comes with a bag which you can see below.
  • It is pretty stable. It doesn't change positions or angles by itself. (I mostly use it indoors. So I can't say how it behaves when you take it outdoors a lot where there is wind and what not...)
  • The water level isn't too accurate... I always need to check the camera before making videos or pictures.



I'm so glad I bought the camera stand for my little Casio Exilim camera. It does a fabulous job to hold it. I can choose the height and angle of my shots. It's exactly what I wanted and I didn't have to pay a ridiculous amount of money.

I don't only use it for videos but also for a lot of pictures... Since it's not heavy, I take it for traveling and a couple other events.


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