March 8, 2013

Glasses from Taiwan

Glasses from the optician are THE shopping tip for those traveling to Taiwan with bad eyesight.


My eyes aren't the best, either. I'm shortsighted with -1.75 in my left and -2.5 on my right eye. With contact lenses it's even -0.25 worse.

As glasses are freaking expensive in Germany, my last pair was like 250€, I went to an optician in Taiwan. After retesting my eyes (still same old shortsighted), I decided to buy one extra pair of glasses and another pair of sunglasses. For both, I only payed 95€ (3800 NTD), including frames and glasses. Of course, if you buy frames from some fancy label, it will be more but the glasses themselves aren't expensive at all.

The other great thing about my new glasses - they fit my Asian nose perfectly. Normally, glasses really hurt my nose after awhile.


I especially love the sunglasses because I don't like to wear contact lenses when going swimming... Also, it's better for the eyes to give them a break from the contact lenses and let them "breath" ;-)

To my outfit:

I'm wearing a black coat from Primark (Fall 2012), black leggings, black suede boots from Deichmann (Fall 2011), beige dress from Forever18, coral belt from the Dominican Republic (3€), a black bag from Taiwan (15€), of course also the new glasses as well as a dusky pink and gold necklace (5€) from the Shilin Nightmarket in Taiwan.



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