April 7, 2013

Sushi Party

Yesterday we went to a Sushi Party. Everybody brought some ingredients and we made sushi together. Look at all the deliciousness of last night...



The might not look as great as from real sushi masters but it was still great... Wouldn't you want to go to a sushi party as well?

The only thing I'm a little picky about is the handling of the food... I mean, I know everyone washed their hands before touching the food but I really prefer using tools like chopsticks and spoons. There's just too much hands involved. I don't know... The other thing is the dipping. I really like having my own dipping bowl, except for family or really close friends.



  1. Love Suhsi, but never done it myself... I should :D

    1. yes definitely! it's not that hard. After a little practice, the rolls also look nice :)

  2. It's actually quite a good idea to make a sushi party because you'll be able to have different kind of sushi rolls... Besides, if you're the host, you'll be able to have sushi left overs the next day ;)


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