March 17, 2013

Taiwanese Snacks

Lays is my favorite Chips brand. Whenever I find some new sorts, I need to try it out. In Taiwan, they have Lays Kyushu Seaweed, which is quite delicious. Can't compete with my favorite Barbeque (US) or Thai Sweet Chili (Germany) but it's still pretty great.

That noodle snack next to it isn't my favorite. It doesn't have enough spices to keep me interested. I wouldn't repurchase it. Actually, eating instant noodles before cooking is quite a great snack. Probably isn't healthy though.


Talking about healthy, seaweed is a great substitute for chips! It has only few calories (3kcal per g) and it weighs like nothing. That's like one of these little plastic packages which contain about 5 seaweed papers. There's also no fat. Of course, there's a lot of iodine salt so it's not healthy to eat the whole box but a couple of these little packages are great...


Dried fish or dried meat is also a very famous snack in Taiwan. There are lots of different styles and spices around them... It's typical for Asian food to be both salty, a little sweet and spicy.

If you find a Carrefour in Taiwan, you can go to the snack bar and try out each of them. There are little cups in front or next to the stuff, so don't be shy... Unless you're vegetarian ;-)


The next snack is sweet and sour... These are dried plums, Suanmei. There are also quite a lot of types... They vary in their intensity of sourness or saltiness, depending on their purpose: eating or cooking...

You can also pour hot water on top of them to get Suanmei Tea. It's popular as well but I'm not a big fan of the beverage but the plums themselves I love...

My mom said, they're also great for pregnant women because of their weird cravings for sour and sweet food.


The next snack is made of peanuts and roasted black sesame. It's coated in sugar like almonds at the Christmas market... I love these nutty snacks.


Another sweet but somehow salty snack is this little cake. They taste a little like moon cakes because they also contain egg yolk in the middle. This isn't a light snack though... I think one of these little cakes has about 300kcal. It's quite filling. I wouldn't be able to eat more than one at once...


At last, I found Hello Kitty chewing gum with strawberry flavor from Wrigleys. I'm not a big fan of the gum because it's too artificial and sweet but I love the packaging... Isn't it cute ^.^



So what do you say? Would you try out some snacks?


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