March 9, 2013

Larimar Jewelry Collection

Larimar is a turquoise gemstone from the Dominican Republic.
My collection started with a pair of earrings which you have seen in several of my Maid of Honor outfit posts (<< click 1 >>, << click 2 >>). I got them as a give-away, when I bought a painting...

That's how I fell in love with these gemstones... My boyfriend gave me the ring and the necklace as a present. The Larimar and Amber necklace was my own gift to myself ^.^
I love my little collection of Larimar. It's a great gift for other people as well and really not that expensive, either. Earrings as above can be found for 100-350 Pesos (2-7€), depending on the quality and where you buy. It is cheaper at the Zona Colonial but the workmanship isn't as great as in the touristic mall. It also depends, if you want to have silver or some cheaper material. Necklaces are more expensive (starting from 5€). Rings start at around 8€.


These are my German glasses by the way. They look just like the other ones from Taiwan but in black instead of brown... Anyway, I love matching jewelry, especially if it has such a pretty color.


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