March 5, 2013

Japanese Nail Art

I barely ever do anything fancy with my nails but since I've had a couple salsa events recently, I thought, I'll try out something new.

I bought some Japanese 3D nail art stickers a couple years ago and I didn't use them. I don't actually know why. It's some inner voice that tells me not to waste anything that pretty. I love these Hawaiian hibiscus flowers.

I'm actually quite surprised that the stickers last that long. It's my 4th day of wearing them and they haven't vanished yet. The petals aren't as white as before but they still look okay.

The only issue I have is that the stickers are 3D... The petals are made of some kind of jelly or silicon, giving my nails structure which I really don't quite appreciate because I like to have smooth nails... So I guess I won't be a big fan of these new fancy sand materials in nail polish.

The red nail polish is "fever" from P2 with a glossy top coat from P2 as well. After everything dried, I applied the silver stickers which are flat. It should be quite easy to recreate... Followed by the hibiscus flowers.

Edit: Here are some close-ups.

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