June 5, 2012

Wedding in Montreux, Switzerland

Wow, it finally happened. My best friend got married. And it was absolutely beautiful - she had the fancy princess wedding of her dreams. Of course she looked absolutely amazing, though I can't show her pictures publicly. I'm sorry but here's her wedding bouquet and the wedding rings.

The couple had the biggest luck of all times. The weather forecast predicted rain and ~20°C but it turned out to be really sunny on both days with almost 30°C. Since they went on a photoshoot outside in the sun before the civil wedding, they were pretty sunburned - even more so after we spent a couple more hours on the boats at the Lake Geneva. But on the next day, it looked fine. Since the church was on top of a mountain as well as the reception, there was some wind which cooled us all down.

Isn't it beautiful on the lake? Next time, I have to see the castle (Château Chillon). It looks so majestic in the lake.

I enjoyed the time on the boats the most because there was no stress and we could just chill, talk and have snacks. It's wonderful and I finally understand the love for sailing boats.

My boyfriend and me loved the time in Montreux, Switzerland very much. It's such a clean and cute little city. There are no beggars whatsoever. I love it... Nobody trying to search the garbage for bottles with refundable deposits. I can't stand those people. I've even seen a mother dragging her kids into that...

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  1. You can't stand those people? What people are those? Poor people? Those who endure hardships and don't focus on the superficial that a life of privilege affords you? You even saw a mother trying to get bottles for her children? Wow how disgusting. I bet it was for FOOD or something like that right? How pathetic. Maybe you don't like those people because they force your subconscious mind to acknowledge the injustice and inequality in the world and instead of trying to make a difference you'd prefer to sweep them under the rug so that they don't diminish the esthetics of your view. I really hope you've grown since this post. I saw the food and was impressed. Now all the fancy dresses and makeup in the world won't change how ugly I just discovered you are. Best of luck.


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