June 25, 2012

Outfit #16 - Salsa

Here's another Salsa outfit. It's great for hot summers without being too revealing. The hot pants are from Orsay. They were on sale last year and I've got them also in white, olive and black (5€ each). The top is from New Yorker. I like how simple it looks from the front - just like a regular tee - and it got all the details in the back.

It's also a great outfit to wear Mac's Russian Red (THE most perfect matte red lipstick on this planet) with simple eye make-up. Sorry, all my pics from my makeup were blurry :(

Btw, I've got new dancing shoes for Salsa and latin social dances - Masha BR21S from the brand Capezio. My boyfriend said it's a great brand for dancing shoes. Since he's a dance teacher, I fully trusted him with that... Otherwise I would have bought Diamant shoes which is also a famous brand for dancing shoes.

Capezio - Masha BR21S in champagne

I bought them on Kleiderkreisel << click >> which is a German website to sell and buy clothes / shoes / accessories / cosmetics. It was my first time buying something but the transaction went well. The girl who sold them to me bought them in size 5.5 US which is supposed to be EUR 35.5 but they were too big for her. I've got a US 6-6.5 (37 EUR size) and they fit perfectly. I got them for 45 € instead of the normal 70 €. For me, it was a great deal. They are comfortable and I've already danced a couple rounds Salsa this week-end...


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