June 24, 2012

Trash TV to its fullest

I probably shouldn't even write this post because talking about this new show on TV will give it more attention but it's not like I've got a ton of readers so whatever... I feel like ranting about it!

First, to clear things up: Neither do I own a TV nor do I plan on watching the show. But ever since I've read about this new show on Sat1 ("Auf Brautschau im Ausland" - "Looking for a wife abroad"), I can't hold it anymore... This show is supposed to be for entertainment - a little like "The Bachelor" but with ugly, fat sociopaths, at whom no normal woman with any dignity would even consider to glance. These guys are searching for a woman in a third world country - preferably young and beautiful. How sick is that to watch s.ex t.ourism on TV for entertainment in the evening? I don't think German television has ever been that low... I'm grossed out! Children will even be able to watch that... it's like saying, it's okay to buy your future wife online in a catalogue. WTF! 

I detest people who think they can buy other people - no matter if it's a man or woman. I've met a few of those couples in my life and every f**cking time I get angrier and angrier. Some of them might be nice to their spouses but others behave like they own freaking s.laves... Others get cheated on - and that's when I laugh... It's their own freaking fault...

I am so grateful for being born in a rich country where I will never ever have to marry a man because of money! In my opinion, that's p.rostitution. No matter if it's a poor person from a third world country or a normal person marrying a millionaire - if they get married because of money, it's all the same...

And at last... I'm not sure, if you follow me at that point - but I will tell you a little story because this whole television show reminded me of it... When I was younger, I think there weren't as many Asians in Germany, I was walking downtown, browsing through some stores, when an old guy in his sixties suddenly started to talk to me. He had a beer belly and that certain look in his face, when I get immediately offended... He asked me for the way to some place but obviously thought I came out of a catalogue and was surprised, I spoke German at all and so well also. When he told me he was following me the whole street, I ran away in horror, hiding behind the security of another store and waited until he was gone... CREEPY STALKER... I felt so offended and harrassed just because he talked to me. It's such a long time ago but I still remember like it was yesterday... 


  1. I am shocked!
    I don't watch Sat1 which is probably why I didn't hear of this new show, but it's simply terrible!
    It's terrible this concept is allowed to be broadcasted and I totally agree with you!

    And I am so sorry for your bad experience! I think the most girls already experienced some creepy persons and it's good you weren't alone!

    1. yes indeed... Let's hope, Sat1 will realize it eventually.


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