June 10, 2012

Wedding Dinners, Reception etc.

Since my friend married twice (civil and church), she invited us for two dinners. The first dinner was at "Le caveau des vignerons (Chez Gloria)" << click >>. I had the best steak of my life! It was amazing... Unfortunately, I was soo eager to eat it that I missed out on taking pictures of the main course.

Here are some of the appetizers and me wearing that cute napkin thing for lopsters to save my dress from oil splatters. Looking like a Sir / Lady at the same time ^.^ The shrimps were marinated in mayonaise - they were soo delicious that I even ate two pieces.

On the day of the church wedding, same thing - too hungry for the main course and no pictures were taken... But I got some from the Hors D'Oevre at the reception at the "Hotel Victoria" and the first appetizer and dessert at the party at "La Terasse du Petit Palais" which belongs to the Montreux Palace. The locations were amazing.

The "Hotel Victoria" << click >> is on top of a mountain. The view over the Lake Geneva is absolutely stunning... It's also where my boyfriend me had the kissing picture of the former blog post.

"La Terasse du Petit Palais" << click >> is right at the lake, it was perfect for the wedding - they had a big ballroom for the round tables, a dance floor, the terrace outside with a bar to cool down, tons of waiters to serve the plates at almost the same time. 


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Liebe Grusse nach Deutschland :)

    1. Thank you :) yes I did... it was great

  2. That must have been really nice. I know the Montreux Palace well, since my grandfather occasionally took me there for breakfast when I was a little girl. Hence, I have fond memories of the place...


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