June 9, 2012

Outfits #13 and #14 as Maid of Honor

I chose blue dresses for the civil and church weddings.

For the civil wedding I wore my Chinese Qipao dress. It's made of silk and is hand-tailored. I absolutely adore the dress and couldn't be more satisfied with the result of the tailor.

For the church and the big wedding party, I wore a blue-turqoise H&M long dress (49,99€). I love the colors, especially because it matched the lake so perfectly. No kidding, the lake looks like the Carribean Sea... I had to shorten the dress because I'm way too small for that dress. The tailor made a really good job, I think. It looks like it was sold this way.

The funny thing is, since I haven't posted any pictures of the bride, we got like a million congratulations because people thought that we got married in Switzerland... ^.^ just too cute... But I would definitely also wear white, not blue.

EDIT: I forgot to post the accessories...

The bag is also from China. I bought it from the same silk store as the first dress... great quality, same fabrique. Since it's dark blue, I also wore it with my second dress.
The necklace (~10 EUR) and bracelets (~3 and 5 EUR) are from H&M. The earrings are made of Larimar, which is a Dominican gemstone... I got them, when I bought some paintings on the street because they didn't have enough change for me - only unbelievable 2 EUR. I'm pretty sure, they would have been like 20 EUR in the gift stores of the hotels. I absolutely love those earrings!


  1. Beautiful dresses!
    And the landscape looks simply amazing, I didn't think Switzerland could look like this :)

    1. Thank you so much :) I love Switzerland even more now. Stunning landscape! I'm so lucky that my friend lives there...


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