June 28, 2012

Nail Design: Flowers

This is one of the very few nail design that I can actually do... ˆ.ˆ It is very easy and I love how it accentuates the nails in a cute but nonetheless very femine way. Just find some nice matching colors and start practicing. I learnt this from my Japanese friend whom I met in the US - she's so cute, she's done the nails for a couple girls back then... Nail art in Japan is huge! You can buy sooo many things over there...

Anyway...  You can take any colors you like. I just happen to take the following nail polishes for this nail design:
  1. Manhattan Crazy Colours LE #1304
  2. Essence Nail Art #05 purple magic
  3. Essence Colour&Go #02 White Secret (but with the cleaned brush of purple magic)
Then you can follow these instructions:
  1. Start with the base color. 
  2. After it's dry, paint the blossoms with a very thin brush - basically they are made of 6 slightly curved lines, starting at the middle of one side of the nail and spreading out to the other side.
  3. Fill in those blossoms with another nailpolish, after they are dry.
Of course, you can always add a top coat but I'm just not as patient to wait for another coat to dry. Also, your nail polish with the design on top has to be absolutely dry, otherwise there will be streaks and then you might have wasted your time doing this nail art and have to start all over again... 


  1. cool!!

    PS: I want to invite you to giveaway on my blog of 100$ in ROMWE. I wait for you!


  2. Love the colors you used!



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