August 9, 2012

Long time no see...

I moved to my new apartment and everything went well. I only had two shocking moments...

For half an hour I thought I lost my iPad and I almost panicked because nothing was organized and I didn't know where to start looking but then it turned out to lay peacefully on my ledge. And then, after everything was clean and in place, I started writing on my dissertation again... Oh my... My professor's notes on the last version were nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere, even at my boyfriend's home... Then yesterday, we had a meet-up and I had to confess that I lost them... Turned out, HE got them. Haha... So nothing's lost during this move.

Right now I'm on my way to the next wedding as maid of honor. It's my last distraction before the due date next month... I keep saying it's 9/11 but it's 9/10... But anyway I have to be done the week before because I have to print and bind several versions. I think I'm quite on track though... I've got 124 pages right now. Most chapters are written, only my discussion and conclusion are missing but it's makable.

Since the wedding is only civil and there's only the wedding-eve party after that, I didn't prepare too much. I'm not too sure how these wedding-eves work because it's my very first one. The bride wasn't very informative and didn't need any help whatsoever... So, I only got the task to make a cake for the party. I also bought some LEDs for balloons that will illuminate them for several hours. I guess that'll look nice. I'll show you some pics, when they're hanging.



  1. I know the feeling when you can't find something important^^
    And the big relief when it's found again :D
    What is your dissertation about?

    1. Hi Miu :) sorry for the late reply... My dissertation is about neurophysics - physics of the brain. I still have a lot to do :)


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