July 15, 2012

[Tagged] You smell gorgeous!

from Miss W.

1. Your favorite scent?

Zen, Shiseido (see my recent blogpost << click >>).

2. What kind of scent do you like best?

Fresh, fruity but not too much like citrus. Not too sweet. A little spicy but not too much...

3. Your first perfume?

Chanel Allure - I got it from my Mom because she got it as a present and didn't use it.

4. Do you use matching bodylotion and showergel?

I did... Dove Go Fresh - Fresh Touch (<< click >>) but it's empty and I can't find all the products in Germany and I read that even the deodorant won't be continued. I still have a back-up but still... So sad...

5. Which scents do you own?

  • Body mists:
    1. Adidas - Free Emotion*
      (it smells like summer - so fresh and fruity)
    2. Bath&Body Works - Exotic Coconut
      (a bit too strong but great coconut smell for the hair)
    3. Calgon - Tropical Dream
      (very floral, it's a present which I don't wear very often but I used to like it a lot)

  • Perfumes and Eaus de Toilette
    1. Zen, Shiseido
      (Christmas present 2011 from my boyfriend, love it very much)
    2. Bombshell, Victoria's Secret*
      (bought it in Chicago and LOVE it, it's the best scent from VS because it's not as heavy and sweet as their other lines)
    3. Diamonds, Armani
      (my first Christmas present from my boyfriend... same name as my dance group)
    4. A scent by Issey Miyaki*
      (absolutely love this... a little bit like green tea, not too strong)
    5. Sentiment, Escada
      (A present, I used to like very much but now I think it's too sweet but it's good for winter)
    6. Cat Deluxe, Naomi Campbell
      (I don't like it, it's too sweet but I got it as a present)
* bought by myself

6. Which perfume is on your must-have list?

Armani Code, Georgio Armani.

7. What else do you like to smell (apart from your favorite perfume)?
  • My boyfriend
  • Freshly cooked meals
  • Fruits when they are ripe, especially mango
  • Fresh coffee


  1. Was sehe ich denn da... :)
    Viele der Düfte kenne ich gar nicht. Gut, dass ich weiß, was ich beim nächsten Einkauf ausprobieren soll.

    1. Dafür sind Blogs immer gut, nicht wahr? Inspiration für neue Einkäufe... hihi :) Am meisten erwischt es mich wahrscheinlich bei Rouges und Lippenstiften... Viel Spaß beim Schnuppern!

  2. A scent by Issey Miyaki is one of my absolute favourites too. Was love at first sniff :-)

    1. For me it was love after a little bit of walking, when the alcohol faded ˆˆ It's also my travel perfume...

  3. I never try you parfume :) I've to try them :) ps: I follow you too :D


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