August 25, 2012

Great surprise this morning

A huge surprise waited for me this morning at 7 am. The postman somehow ended up playing hide and seek because he went to all the other floors except mine. In the end, he gave up and ringed my bell to tell me to get it myself... He was obviously upset and I didn't tell him that he could see from the arrangement of name tags and bells on which floor the people live.maybe next time.

My sweet friend M. sent me this as graduation gifts from Japan. Thank you so so much, my love.

Very cute lavender slippers and greentea cookies from Mochez (<< click >>). I love everything made of greentea... It's so delicious and I tell myself it's healthier than usual sweets. Japanese always put so much thoughts and work into everything. You have to love them ^.^
I will wear the slippers whenever I travel. The most amazing thing is that they fit do you know my size? Simply wonderful.

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