August 20, 2012

(Wedding) Party Decoration

As I've mentioned before, I've bought 12 LED lights that can be used for balloons. In this case, I bought some more red heart-shaped balloons (15 pieces) and decorated my friend's wedding eve with them. The kids loved it and took several of them home... I'm not sure, if I would use red balloons again because I think white balloons will transmit the light better and thus there's a nicer effect but anyway, it was cute and my friend liked it. So mission accomplished...

If you're interested, here's the link to eBay: << click >>. I paid 5$ for 12 LED lights including shipping.

Please keep in mind that it's sent from China. Since German customs are pickier than other countries, it takes longer to get here than to others - maybe about one month. My lights took longer than the actual PayPal complaining time of 45 days so that I even got my money back... I think it was because customs in my city moved to a different office and thus it took even longer than usually.

My balloons are from a store called McPaper, they cost about 2,50€.

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