September 6, 2014

Vienna, Austria

My first visit to Vienna was for a job interview last year. It was 2 days after my job interview in Switzerland. I drove all the way to both interviews on my own. It took forever - 3 hours to Switzerland and almost a day to Vienna. And I most certainly won't ever drive that much in a day anymore. My nerves were shattered, I was tired and I needed more and more breaks on my way...

The job interview in Vienna wasn't bad but I wasn't at my best state of mind. Take my word for it... Don't ever drive a whole day to have a job interview. Flying would have saved me so much nerves.

If I didn't accept the Swiss offer first, this would have been my second choice. The job would have been interesting as well as I would have traveled a lot all over the world. Even more than I do now. But it would also be more difficult to see my boyfriend. I'm sure I made the right choice.

Vienna has all these amazing huge buildings. Isn't it beautiful?

It is a huge city but it doesn't feel too big.

The food is made for meat lovers. It's great for a couple days but maybe not for every day. Otherwise it's even more difficult to stay in shape...

New wine is called "Sturm" btw. I'm a big fan of it, so fresh and sweet.


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