September 3, 2014

Bern, Switzerland

When Chinese guests came visiting, we had an appointment in Bern, Switzerland. We were very lucky with the weather as it was quite crappy this summer. It was my second time visiting Bern. Last time it was also only due to business and I couldn't do any sight seeing. This time around we actually stayed downtown and visited these beautiful tiny stores. They are hidden in arcades at the left and right.

As my Chinese guests are used to bargains I also learned two new lessons.

  1. You can get 10% discount on almost everything. Just ask. Sometimes even more, if you buy a lot...
  2. Also you can get tax refund, if you spend more than 300 CHF in a store.

So here is my new pair of Italian nude leather pumps... I don't know the brand Bagatt but they have really beautiful leather shoes and bags.

This pair was reduced from 200 CHF to 90 CHF and I got them for 75€. They are soooo comfortable! I think they are perfect for work and elegant nights out. Hopefully they are going to last me a long time...

Don't you love them too?


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