September 9, 2014

Empties #1

I love to watch Empties videos on YouTube. Using up a complete beauty product really shows if you like a product or if it totally doesn't work for you... So here are my first Empties.

  1. S-Quito free: I've only used it for 6 days, spraying my arms and legs twice a day, and it's already empty. Besides, it claims to even work against tropical Mosquitos but I've already got 4 mosquito bites on my legs. So it doesn't even work properly. I definitely won't buy this again!
  2. P2 bronzer #030 Bali heat: This bronzer is actually quite good. I like the color and that it shows up on my skin, even when I'm tanned. It's neither matte nor glittery. It has more of a sattin finish. I consider buying it again but I have a couple other bronzers at home. Right now, I use KIKO #103 which is matte but has a similar color.
  3. Maybelline - illegal length mascara: It is waterproof and has fibers in it. It dried quickly and was clumpy. Besides, I didn't like the brush either. I won't rebuy it as I've found a better mascara, the Max Factor - masterpiece.
  4. Essence - SOS spot killer: It worked but was too aggressive for my skin.
  5. The Body Shop - Mango body scrub: Amazing. My holy grail body scrub. I love the scent, the efficacy and it actually nourishes the skin.
  6. Maybelline - pure cover mineral concealer: I loved it but it was discontinued.
  7. Balea - peeling gel: It's not bad but nothing special...
  8. Florena: I used both day- and night creme. They were both not bad.
  9. Clinique - All about eyes: It's a great eye cream. I even bought the full size "All about eyes rich". But I think the normal version is better.


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