September 1, 2014

Chaotic Start

This trip has started a little chaotic.

First we took the ADAC bus which was 1.5 hours late. Luckily I planned plenty of time to our trip and we still got to the airport more than 2 hours before our flight.

When we got to the Condor check in, it was pretty empty. So far everything was fine until we got our boarding passes. I got a seat but my boyfriend somehow didn't. Maybe some failure in the system?! But the chick told us it's our fault cause we were late. We're supposed to proceed to the gate and ask.

We were almost the first at the gate - still 90 min before our flight... WE - who were supposed to be late... Of course they didn't have any free seats and told us to wait until we were called. The seating area was inside and we had to stand for over an hour.

After some people upgraded their seats and after some yelling, finally we got inside.

The flight was fine. Did you know that Condor has individual touch screens now? They even have USB so you can actually charge your electronic devices in the flight. It's very fancy. Unfortunately they want to charge extra for movies. Everyone is making fun of how cheap everything from Asia is but seriously, service in Asian airlines is a million times better!!!

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