September 2, 2014

Miyako - Japanese Restaurant in Geneva

I made a business trip to Geneva a couple months ago. Since my colleague and me were early, we decided to have sushi.

This is seriously the best sushi I've had in Europe. But the price is ridiculous. We paid about 70 CHF each for a little bit of sushi - I got one roll of six pieces, a tea and a tofu.

The menu is amazing. I haven't seen that many dishes in a long time. This guy above did my fried tofu.

Sorry I didn't take many pictures because I was hungry and wanted to eat it immediate.

Since everything is expensive in Geneva it probably wasn't all that expensive but coming from Germany it definitely is.

If you've got too much money and appreciate great Japanese food, you can take a look. It got great reviews on trip advisor.

Restaurant Japonais Miyako
Rue de Chantepoulet 11
1201 Genève


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