February 9, 2012

Outfit #9 + Make-up

Finally, a cold weather outfit... It's normally too dark outside to take any good pictures but here we go :).

Since it's almost always warm inside, I like to wear layers over layers. This is a 3 layer outfit for the university. Underneath the black body from Tchibo, I wear another black spaghetti top and underneath the pants (Levis) two pairs of leggings... it's freezing outside... I found this cute little salmon colored pullover at Tally Weijl - it was reduced to only 10 EUR. They also had a deal of three for the price of two but I didn't like any of the others.

And here's a close-up to the make-up to my outfit. I'm sorry, there were no good close-ups for the eyes but they basically look like the other brown eye make-ups. I just switch between the products - the result is the same more or less...

The products:
  1. Jade - cover stick #24 (green corrects redness)
  2. Maybelline - pure. cover mineral concealer #1 (nude beige).
  3. Astor - Anti Shine Mattitude Powder (# 005) to set the concealer.
  4. Essence - eyebrow pencil #02 (brown).
  5. P2 - Bronzer - Sunshine Powder #030 (Bali Heat)
  6. Alverde Mineral Rouge #2 (Cherry)
  7. Rimmel 1000 Kisses - Lipliner Pencil #014 (Wild Clover)
  8. Mixed Lipsticks
    • Alverde Lipstick #55 (Rosy Caramel)
    • P2 - Pure Color Lipstick #059 (Copacabana)  
  9. ELF - mineral eyeshadow primer
  10. Essence Ballerina Backstage LE: 01 Dance the Swan Lake - Eye Soufflé 
  11. P2 - matte dream eyeshadow #050 rose charm all over the inner eye lid and up to the eyebrows
  12. Catrice - eyeliner pen - Kajal Designer #150 (Up&Brown) at the outer corner of my eye lids to darken it (smudging it with the tool on the other side of the eyeliner pen) - it's a great taupe color
  13. P2 - matte dream eyeshadow #070 (grey pleasure) on top of the smudged catrice eyeliner pen (has the exact same color)
  14. Catrice - gel eyeliner #020 (It's Mambo No. 2) to line my upper and lower lash line and doing a little wing
  15. P2 - matte dream eyeshadow #020 (brown chic) on top of the gel eyeliner to set it and avoid smudging
  16. Nivea - Extreme Resist Volume and 24h hold mascara waterproof #01 (black)

Oh and this is how I look, when I'm outside - fully packed with hat, ear warmers, tube scarf and jacket. That's why I don't ever bother what to do with my hair - it's messed up by the hat anyway.

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