February 10, 2012

Nailpolish - MNY #342

I've got a gorgeous new nailpolish - the MNY #342. Wow, great name, isn't it?! Who's working on those names? But anyway, coral colors are just my new thing for 2012. It just reminds me of the summer and lifts my mood...

I needed two coats to make it opaque. I don't use topcoats if there's no nailart because I'm lazy ;-) Anyway, it's very long lasting - 3 days and no chipping, not even tip wear...

Sorry for my hands. As much as I use hand cream and try to eat enough veggies and fruits, it doesn't help too much... But the color in this picture is quite realistic.

MNY is a sub-brand of Maybelline. It is sold in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Norway, Sweden and Netherlands.


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    1. I've never heard of MNY. Where can you get this polish? I really like coral colors on clothes, lipsticks, blush, and now nails :) It's such an innocent and fresh color! And I think nothing is wrong with your hands, they are quite lovely!

    2. Thank you :) I'm trying to maintain them well-tended but it's not easy during the cold.

      MNY is a sub-brand of Maybelline. It is sold in all major drugstores in Germany. But I don't know if they also sell it anywhere else...

  2. Coral rocks! Very pretty color. Your hand looks fine to me as well. :)


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