February 28, 2012

My Fitnesspal

Ever since my roommate told me I shouldn't wear white on my own wedding because it would make me fat, I got into thinking. I don't consider myself fat, not even close but it's true that I gained a few kilos under the couple trap. Gaining weight in a relationship is quite normal. Cooking for my boyfriend mostly turns out to be less lean and healthy (he doesn't like green salad and complains about veggie meals) and going out to restaurants does its share, too. I don't like gyms but I'm a big fan of dancing (haha - who would have guessed that??) - I stepped it up to 4x2hours per week. Thus I don't think, I can handle any more sports, so it must be the food.

When I went to the US to study, I started counting calories for my yoga class because it was combined with a nutrition class once a week. And it really startled me how many calories I was capable to eat and I became more cautious... also because the US is famous for making big people. The homepage, the teacher recommended used to be really great because it contained all kinds of meals - of course, it was more tailored for the US market because it was a governmental project. It really helped me to restrain myself. But it has changed and somehow I wasn't able to give the homepage my measurements anymore. Looking for a better homepage, I found My Fitnesspal << click >>.

from today, including dancing and breakfast :D

It works just fine - you can type in almost all meals and it comes up with calories, carbs, fat, proteins, etc. I found out that if I want to lose weight, I'm only allowed to eat only 1200 kcal on my normal days - dancing for 2 hours increases my possible intake to 2000 kcal. It's nearly impossible to eat only 1200 kcal for me - I can't help but feel hungry. The good thing about this homepage is, everyone is able to define new meals / food with its nutrition facts or sports with the exact kcal consumption and all the other users are also able to use it. It is very easy and convenient. Since it seems to be quite famous,  a lot of German groceries are also included. For people with smartphones, you can even use an app. Besides the weight, you can also write down your neck, waist, hip measurements. Especially if you just start to work out, your weight might not change but the rest will because muscles are heavier than fat. For people who have difficulties to drink enough water, you can also keep track of your water intake ˆ.ˆ

from Saturday because it's complete...
incl. 2h hip hop and 1h zumba

I almost lost 2 kg within the last month - thanks to this homepage...


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