December 13, 2014

Empties #2

I know, it's been awhile. I'm just not able to maintain a regular schedule like other people. But who cares. It's not like, I need to justify anything as it is my own blog anyway. I also want to write things down for myself to be able to remember.

So here's another empties blog post from me...


I'm a sucker for mango products. One of my favorite fruits in the world. I rarely buy them in Germany because they don't grow here. Thus any mango in store is picked before its time. But in Taiwan that's a different thing. When I'm in Taiwan during mango season, I need to eat one a day. Sometimes even more ;-)

  1. Mango shower gel from Balea - Love the smell. I even had multiple backups. Now that it's winter, I'm glad, I'm done though. It's more a summer thing for me.
  2. Mango shower gel from DuschDas. I'm not a fan. Balea is better.
  3. Body lotion from Vandini with grapefruit scent. It was a present, one I didn't really like because I don't like scented body lotions. I only like things like Nivea or Dove.
  4. Toner from Balea. Toners are difficult. This one is sticky and I hate stickiness on my skin...
  5. Shimmery brown cream eye shadow pen "24h Perfect Stay Eye Shadow and Liner" from Astor in "Creamy Taupe". I liked the easy application and color but it broke. I don't know if it was just bad luck or whatever but I have enough other products and won't rebuy it.
  6. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter "050 Berry Smoothie". I loved the color and lip butters in general. Since you can't buy Revlon products in Germany, it might take awhile until I will be able to rebuy this.
  7. "Feel Good Mineral Blush" from P2 in "020 sweet rose". I didn't like it because the color payoff is quite bad.
  8. P2 matte eye shadow "050 rose charm". I love it. This and the taupe color are my favorite. If they ever discontinue, I will need to buy tons of backups. Fortunately, they last for a really long time!
  9. Black eye liner pen from Catrice. This is a horrible product. First, it's not really black, somehow patchy. And at last, it transfers and smudges on my lid. Really not my thing...

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